Hygiene product! The right of return applies only to unopened resaleable packaging. The product does not have a free exchange right and there is always a fee for the return.

The package contains one beige roll (dimensions: 5cm x 500cm) of double-sided body tape. Always put the tape on clean and dry skin.

- Double-sided tape and supports the breasts, while ensuring that the garment stays where desired.
- Suitable for use with deeply grooved and open-backed dresses and tops.
- Provides support and shape and lifts the breasts.
- Dermatologically approved.
- Elastic and breathable, the tape feels like another skin.
- The high-quality and long-lasting tape surface is sweat-resistant and water resistant.
- Extra wide tape is also suitable for big breasts.
- The tape is disposable.

Tape material: 93% cotton, 5% elastane, 2% acrylic copolymer adhesive


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