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HerSecret.se committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. With this privacy policy, we inform our customers about the processing of their personal data. The Customer must accept the terms of this Privacy Policy in order HerSecret.se's services.

The information we collect can be shared with information provided by the user, found to be used in online services and derived from analytics.
We use the information:

  • Delivering an easy-to-use and secure service
  • Providing a good customer experience
  • Improving product recommendations and marketing
  • Developing customer service and e-commerce

Controller and its contact details

The controller of the personal data processed is:

HerSecret.se (SDI: 2332380-6)
Miilukatu 5
70620 KUOPIO

You can ask more about data protection and the processing of personal data by e-mail:

What information can be collected about me?

  • Information provided by the user or identifies the person
    • Identification information, such as name
      • Personal identity code to identify the customer when entering into a credit agreement
    • Contact information such as address, email address and phone number
    • Payment information, including credit agreements and other billing information
    • Email address and certificate used to sign in to Google or Facebook
  • Data observed and derived from the use of services
    • Shopping history, including ordered products and their price information
    • Delivery information, such as the selected mode of delivery and delivery address
    • Product reviews
    • Online store usage and browsing data and terminal identification
    • Information and identifiers used for product recommendation and other targeted content

It is mandatory to provide credentials, contacts, and payment information when HerSecret.se on the Internet.

The main source of information is the user himself, and we may also receive additional information from our partners, such as a credit service provider (Avarda). In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, we will notify the customer of the personal data we receive from third parties in the first contact or within one month of receiving personal data.

What is my personal data used for?

Personal data is used

  • Maintaining a customer relationship
  • Order delivery, processing and archiving. We send information to the customer mainly via email and also via Whatsapp regarding the delivery of the order.
  • HerSecret.se's operations and services
  • Improve the customer experience
  • For analytics and statistical purposes
  • Deliver more personally targeted content and marketing
  • Preventing abuse
  • To provide better customer service

The data is processed based HerSecret.se customer relationship, contract, use of the site, your explicit consent or legal obligations between the Customer and the Customer.

How is my data stored and protected?

All personal data is protected from unsubsent access and accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unlawful processing.

HerSecret.se store customer data in Finland, Helsinki. The technical and process security of data centers and trading systems is at a very high level. Servers are protected against data breaches and denial of service attacks.

In the processing of personal data and in technical solutions, we follow good data protection practices, such as consolidation, minimisation, pseudonymisation, anonymisation and encryping of data. As of 25 May 2018, the requirements of the APPLICABLE EU General Data Protection Regulation have been taken into account in the processing of personal data.

All access to personal data is controlled in accordance with good practice.

Who processes my personal data?

Customer data is only accessible HerSecret.f.'s own employees and our staff is trained to use the data safely and ethically. Each of our staff will only see customer data to the extent that it is necessary for the performance of their duties.

We use trusted contractual partners, in which case information can be transferred to a third party. All partners have taken into account the requirements set by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and other legislation. For more information about third parties, see"Will my personal data be disclosed to third parties?"".

Undertaking responsible for processing the data:
HerSecret.se (SDI: 2332380-6)
Miilukatu 5
70620 KUOPIO

How long is my data stored?

We will only store your personal data for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this statement. In addition, some data may be retained for longer to the extent necessary to fulfil the legal obligations, such as accounting and consumer trading responsibilities, and to demonstrate their proper implementation.

At the customer's request, personal data concerning him or her may be deleted or HerSecret.se from the 1990s systems. The Delete and Anonymization action is irreversible and we cannot recover deleted customer accounts.

For some information, the legislation imposes obligations on the longer-term storage of data, including for the following purposes:

  • The Accounting Act defines longer retention periods for data, regardless of whether the data contains personal data or not
  • Fulfilment of consumer trading responsibilities
  • System logs are collected and stored as required by law in order to provide a legal and secure online store for our customers
  • Take sufficient backups of store databases and systems to secure data, fix errors, and verify security and continuity

What kind of rights do I have?

As a customer, you have the right to:

  • Access to personal data concerning you, including the right to receive a copy of your personal data
  • Request rectification or erasure of personal data concerning you
  • Subject to certain conditions, request restriction of processing or object to the processing of personal data

In addition, if the processing is based on separate consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that this does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of data carried out before the withdrawal of consent.

You can request a report of your personal information, request deletion or anonymisation by contacting our customer service. The request must be sufficiently identified to enable our customer service to verify your identity.

If you notice that there are deficiencies in the processing or that it is unlawful, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.

How do I get the data stored in the system?

To request HerSecret.se stored in your computer's systems, contact us by email:

"What information can be collected about me?" below the paragraph you will find more detailed information about the personal data we have stored.

How can I influence the use of my data?

HerSecret.se committed to providing its customers with opportunities to influence the processing of their data. The customer can choose from their account what information they want to disclose about themselves.

The Customer may also terminate their customer account at any time and ask HerSecret.se to delete their own data by contacting our customer service.

N.B! In some cases, not all data can be deleted and legislation may require the storage of some of the information related to the customer, for example for accounting obligations.

Is my personal data disclosed to third parties?

We may disclose some necessary information to third parties to ensure delivery and marketing. In connection with a credit decision, your information is also passed on to the granting party, e.g. the credit authority. Avarda.

We also use customer data with third parties for analytics and personalization purposes. We use purchasing behaviour and browsing data with partners to better offer products and offers that interest you. The data used for analytics and personalisation purposes is anonymised or pseudonymised wherever possible. Only we can combine the pseudonymised data used with your name.

If necessary, we will also disclose information to the authorities.

We provide information to the following third parties:

  • For analytics and statistical partners
  • Product recommendation and personalization partners
  • SMS partner when sms transmission is allowed
  • For a carrier (Posti Corporation, DB Schenker or Budbee)
  • Payment to a payment intermediary (Avarda TF Bank AB) when paying by payment card or bank payment
  • Credit issuer (Avarda TF Bank AB), when the customerchooses an invoice or part payment as the payment method
  • Collection company, due invoices and transfer to collection

HerSecret.se ensure a high level of data security and protection when transferring and processing data in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. Third-party data processing levels are confirmed by model contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, the Group's Binding Data Protection Regulations (BCR), the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement or any other accepted method in accordance with the GDPR.

Do cookies are used on the store's website and what are they?

HerSecret.se use cookies and other similar technologies, such as local storage. Cookies are small text files between the terminal browser and the server. Cookies and other identifiers have a specified period of validity after which the browser removes the tag. We use these techniques to implement operations, personalize, and analytics and target marketing.

Functional cookies and local storage are used, for example, to identify the customer, maintain login, delivery time estimates and shopping cart functions. For these functions, the use of cookies and local storage and the acceptance of their use are mandatory. Functional cookies set by the server and local storage variables remain in the browser for 15min-24 months, unless they are separately deleted from your browser settings. Visiting the site reinserts cookies and local warehouse variables when the browser allows it.

The information used for analytics and marketing targeting is anonymized wherever possible. Otherwise, we will process the data as personal to the extent that the identifier contains customer targeting information, such as an IP address. Tags that are associated with the customer in some way are also treated as personal information. The period of validity of tags used for analytics and marketing targeting is 30s-24 months.

We utilise Google Analytics in analytics related to the use of our website, popular products, trends and sales, among other things.

Other technologies we use for analytics and marketing targeting, such as pixel tags, help us better understand our customers' behavior and tell us which products are of interest to our customers and which functions and services are most useful to our customers. You can opt out of the tags used by our analytics and marketing partners by enabling the Do Not Track feature of the browser and by placing the browser to reject third-party cookies.

Can this Privacy Policy be amended?

Due to changes in service development and regulation, we reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy. Significant changes to the Privacy Policy will be notified to registered customers when the terms are updated. (Last update, June 8, 2021)

What can I contact?

You can contact us by email about privacy, data processing and privacy policy:

In other matters, our customer service helps:

Data Protection Officer:
Petteri Pucilowski
petteri@HerSecret.se (data protection issues only)


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