About HerSecret

HerSecret.se (Company ID: 2332380-6) is a Finnish online store selling at a low price women's clothing. We have a wide range of sizes, sizes up to 32-60! In our selection you will find impressive clothes for everyday life, gorgeous festive clothes and sensual outfits for one-on-one moments. Our selection includes approximately 2600 different products and we get new products every week!

Our selection includes brands such as CW, Koucla, Numoco, Gainx, Morimia, Sotfline, Demoniq, Livia Corsetti and Bye Bra.

Welcome to
make affordable and risk-free clothing purchases! We import all our products ourselves and minimise the extra costs.

Deliveries and exchanges

Our clothes have FREE shipping & replacement! All our products have a 14-day return right. You can also order from us by invoice, i.e. you can receive the products first if you wish, and pay only afterwards.

Our warehouse is located in Vantaa, and all our on-order products are ready to be mailed at our warehouse. The delivery time of the products is usually 1-5 business days, depending on the way you deliver.

Our customer service

We invest in good and fast customer service and a full five-star shopping experience.

Please contact us, for example:
On WhatsApp 045 7396 3113

We usually serve on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but we often answer outside service hours.

Reviews of products and service

We really like our products! Our products have been reviewed 12645 times (8.6.2021) and averaged 4.26 stars out of 5 stars (4.26/5.00)

You can also read our customers' reviews of our service in our Google business profile.

Official enquiries

Petteri Pucilowski

Address of ouroffice (neither visit address nor return address)
Miilukatu 5
70620 KUOPIO


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