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1. General conditions

These terms and conditions apply in the trade relationship between (Business ID 2332380-6) and its customers. has the right to update these terms and conditions without notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering, which can be found on's website. If you have any questions about our terms or services, you can contact us by email

General terms and conditions (and other non-contractual relationships related to them) are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Finnish law. As a customer, you accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Finnish judiciary in the settlement of disputes that may arise when interpreting these general terms and conditions. is not liable for damage caused by force majeure. In cases of force majeure may postpone the delivery of the product or cancel the entire order by repaying any amount of trade made to the customer. Force majeure may include, for example, a measure taken by an authority, a technical failure, a disruption of operations as a result of an accident, an interruption in public transport or energy supply, a work conflict or any other similarly significant and unusual reason which could not reasonably have taken into account and the consequences of which it could not reasonably have avoided. is obliged to inform the customer of any force majeure obstructions without delay.

2. Deliveries

Delivery charges to Finland are always 0€ unless the customer chooses a paid delivery option. We deliver products ordered through the online store to postal addresses located in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Orders to Sweden or Estonia that are over 50€/500SEK will have a free delivery option. Smaller orders will incur a delivery charge. We are also able to deliver orders to other EU countries on request - please contact our customer service! Tell us which products you are interested in and we will make you an offer.

You can see the available shipping methods at checkout before confirming your order. The customer is always notified of the final amount of the order before confirming the order. When ordering to Sweden or Estonia, there is a 19€/190SEK minimum order amount. Also - if the customer chooses a paid delivery option, the delivery fee will not be refunded to the customer in case of a return.

We reserve the right to combine customer orders if the customer places several separate orders. If the customer wishes to arrange the delivery of the order at a later date, or if the ordered products need to be delivered at a different time, the customer must contact our customer service in advance or immediately after the order.

We cannot guarantee delivery of the parcel to the nearest parcel point- especially during peak hours parcel points fill up quickly. If the nearest point is full, the courier will re-direct your shipment to the next available point.

Delivery times overview

All our products available for order are ready to be sent in our Vantaa, Finland warehouse. The usual delivery times to Finland are 1-3 business days, 3-7 business when shipping to Sweden and 1-5 business days for deliveries to Estonia. This also depends on the courier you select at checkout.

When ordering before 12:00 (Finnish time) Mon-Fri, we usually ship your order on the same day. During peak times, some orders placed before 12:00 might also be shipped on the next business day. Orders placed after noon on a weekday, weekend or bank holiday are usually shipped on the next business day. The estimated delivery time is calculated as starting from the date of dispatch.

Delayed delivery?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to anticipate or influence courier operations in any way. Delays are rare, but if you need the items for an important event, we recommend ordering early.

If your delivery has been delayed by more than a week from the expected delivery time (see delivery times),please contact our customer service so that we can submit a missing parcel report. Delays in delivery are rare, so we will investigate all delays and disappearances in detail. If there's any reason to suspect fraud, we will inform the Police.

3. Customer data and data protection

We comply with the applicable Finnish and EU legislation in terms of consumer trade, marketing and advertising. Please read more at our privacy policy. The Customer is obligated to provide their full contact details, which include at least the name, address and telephone number and email address when making the order. For invoicing purposes, our partner Avarda also requires a personal identity code from the customer.

Customer data is stored in's customer register, where the information is used to maintain the customer relationship. The social security number will not be stored in our register. also has the right to process and disclose the data in the register for legitimate uses (such as direct marketing) in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99). When a customer makes their first order on or online store, a customer account is created for them if they don't already have one. It is the customer's responsibility to take care of the login information.

The Customer may prohibit the use and processing of their data for marketing purposes, check the data concerning them and request the deletion of the data by contacting's customer service. Contacts shall be made in writing and forwarded by e-mail to The full privacy policy can be on our website.

After purchasing, a product review request is sent to the customer. Responding to the review request is voluntary. The request contains only products already purchased by the customer. The customer's contact information will not be publicly displayed in connection with the review (apart from the first name of the customer). uses the information collected through reviews to develop customer experience, product range and services. website uses cookies to further develop the website to make it more user-friendly. On the website the task of cookies is to facilitate, improve and speed up the experience. Cookies can also be used to offer better service and more personalized product recommendations to the customer. A cookie is a small text file that the web server stores on the user's hard disk. Read more about cookies in our privacy policy.

4. Payment methods and payment

With us, you can pay by online bank, credit card, invoice or part payment. Most of our payment methods do not incur any additional costs to our customers. More information on payment methods can be found here.

Please note that discount codes are limited to one per order, unless otherwise specified. In addition, the discount code cannot be used when ordering already discounted products, unless otherwise specified. points and gift cards

By shopping on HerSecret and sending product reviews, you points and gift cards. You can convert the points you collect into discounts. Please note that there are no points for returned products. The points will be used within 28 days of confirming your order so that any returns can be taken into account in the calculation of the points. Points are valid for six months after your last order. If you use HerSecret points as a discount on your order and return your entire order, the value points will not be returned to the customer's account. By reviewing the product you ordered within one month of confirming your order, you will receive 200 points from your review in your account. In order to prevent abuse, points may not be obtained for criticising returned products. We reserves the right to cancel points and close a customer account if we notice any abuse in the use of the points. The value of gift cards or points is not valued in cash.

Subscriber gifts / Discounts

If your order includes a gift offer/discount that requires a specific purchase amount, the requirement must also be met after a possible refund in order for the customer to be eligible for the subscriber gift/discount. If the value of the customer's order is less than the gift/discount amount after any refund, the discount on your order will be removed and deducted from the refund due to you/ added to the invoice.

Example: Subscriber gift for orders over 60 euros. If the total amount of the order is less than 60 euros after any refund, the subscriber gift must also be returned. However, if the subscriber gift is not returned in this case, the value of the non-refundable subscriber gifts will be collected in full from the customer at the time of return.

Example 2: 15% discount on a subscription over 100 euros. If the value of the order after any refund is less than EUR 100, the discount will also be cancelled. Subscriber gifts/gift cards are limited to one per order, unless otherwise specified.

5. Returns and cancellations

If your order hasn't been shipped or processed yet, you can cancel your order. Contact our customer service to cancel your order. If your order has already been processed, it probably can't be cancelled anymore. Please check with our customer service.

When ordering from or you have the right to return all or part of the order within fourteen (14) days of receiving the order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The right of return does not apply to the hygiene products.

The customer must send the returned products or notify us of the return within 14 days of receiving the order. We don't accept late returns. However, we do not require a notification of a return from the customer - a correctly filled return note attached to the return is considered an adequate return notification.

The returns for orders delivered to Sweden and Estonia are to be paid by the customer. The customer can claim back their return postage from Paypal if they have used Paypal to pay for their order.

Learn more about product return terms.

General information about returns

The products returned must be sealed and in exactly the same condition as when receiving the product. We do not accept used or damaged products as a return. You can try the clothes on top of your own clothes (excluding products classified as hygiene products) without losing the right of return, but you can't start using the product until you have made the final purchase decision.

Note: The customer must ask the postal officer for a receipt for their return. If the customer return sent by the customer is lost in transit, we will only reimburse the price of the lost products if the customer has a receipt from the post office. If there is no return receipt, we will not reimburse any lost items.

Non picked up shipments and reasonable use

Non picked up orders result in handling and shipping costs for online store, which is why we reserve the right to close the customer account. We also wither the right to close a customer account if the customer repeatedly places orders for which they return either all or most of the products (reasonable use).

A non picked up order is not the same as a product return. We charge refund fees of EUR 15 for all non picked up orders. The fee corresponds to the actual cost of returning, sending, processing and packaging.

6. Complaint

When you receive your order, please check your order without delay. If the wrong product has been delivered to you, there is a wrong number of products or there is an error in any of the products, you must notify without delay, either by email or by Whatsapp. If the shipment and your ordered product has been damaged during transport, please contact for a replacement product and submit a damage report to the courier immediately.

How do I file a complaint?

If there is a defect in the product, do the following:

  1. Description of the defect. Please state clearly why you think the product is defective and how the problem with the product can be noticed. To speed up the processing of your claim, please include some pictures of the damaged product in the email. The whole product and the defect should be cleraly visible in the photos.
  2. In your message, please tell us if you wish to return the product or if you wish to receive a new, defect-free, product.

Please note that the right to reclamation does not cover:

  • Individual pieces of thread which are normal in products of this price level and can be easily cut out without any damage to the product
  • Damage due to the improper use of the product or improper washing (e.g. delicate materials such as lace/rhine/sequin clothing washed in the washing machine instead of hand washing)
  • Damage caused by excessive use of the product, e.g. using wrong size clothing
  • Normal colour emissions from a new fabric (e.g. black garment leaves color at first wash or new jeans dye socks blue)
  • Damage caused by external factors such as wear, abrasion, sharp objects or chemicals
  • Damage caused by sweat
  • Discomfort due to the model or material of the product

Settlement of disputes and place of jurisdiction: The customer has the right to refer any disputes rising out of this agreement to the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board ( . In addition, the consumer also has access to the dispute resolution service maintained by the European Commission (

Any legal disputes will be resolved in the District Court of's domicile or in the district court of the place in Finland in whose jurisdiction the customer has his/her place of residence. If the Customer does not have a place of residence in Finland, the disputes will be heard in the District Court of's domicile.

7. General

  • Orders are shipped from our Vantaa warehouse, the price of the products includes 24% VAT.
  • The customer must be 18 years of age or have permission from their legal guardian to make an order.
  • If there's any suspicion of fraud we will be in contact with the Police.
  • Product images may differ slightly from the product to be delivered.
  • We reserve the right to delay or cancel delivery due to the availability issues or a force majeure. If the order is cancelled, we will repay the transaction amount to the customer.
  • Gift cards are not exchanged for cash
  • Names, images and other materials related to the items are trademarks/copyrights of their respective owners
  • We are not responsible for any delays caused by the courier service.
  • We reserve the right to change the product information, prices or our terms without any notice.

8. Contact information

You can reach us through WhatsApp 045 7396 3113 or email

If you have any questions about data protection, you can contact us by email


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