Black short-sleeved shoulder-revealing lace-trimmed loose-fitting shirt with lacing patches. The base top is not included in the shirt. Tip: Add strings to your shirt for variety and more showiness. For a more body-tight fit, the size 2XL fits 52 sizes. Note: Lace sleeves don't stretch much, so consider this when choosing a size (especially if you're considering a size smaller than the recommended size).

Length: 62cm(s), 64cm(m), 66cm(L), 68cm(XL), 70cm(XXL)

Choose a size:

S if you normally use sizes 36-38.
M, if you normally wear size 40-42.
L if you normally wear size 42-44.
XL if you normally wear size 46-48.
XXL if you normally wear size 48-50.

Bust: 91-98cm(s), 96-103cm(m), 101-108cm(L), 109-116cm(XL), 117-124cm(XXL)

Material: polyester + elastane


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