Black lace sleeve on the back of a longer v-party dress with a slit. Pay attention to the fact that the slit is high and, especially on longer ones, the slit rises high. We recommend the dress for max approx. 170 centimetres. If the model is otherwise pleasing, but the slit of the hem rises too high, consider a separate petticoat underneath.

Length: 117cm (XL), 118cm (2XL), 118.5cm (3XL), 119cm (4XL)

Choose a size:

XL, if you normally use size 46-48.
2XL if you normally use size 50.
3XL if you normally use size 52.
4XL if you normally use size 54-56.

Bust: 110-115cm (XL), 118-123cm (2XL), 126-131cm (3XL), 134-139cm (4XL)
waist circumference: 99-104cm (XL), 107-112cm (2XL), 115-120cm (3XL), 123-128cm (4XL)
Shoulder width: 41cm (XL), 43cm (2XL), 45.5cm (3XL), 47.5cm (4XL)

Material: polyester + elastane


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